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ANEROS Trident MGX Syn (Beginner) Prostate Stimulator

Product Code: ANE9876-36 Category: Aneros
Enhanced anal sensations!

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aneros product comparison chart


  • -Moderately focused stimulation with the utmost comfort
  • -Specially balanced for greater responsiveness
  • -Hands FREE pleasure
  • -Moderately focused prostate stimulation
  • -Recommended for new users for solo and partner play
  • -Enhanced anal sensations
  • -FDA approved materials

When it was first launched, the MGX introduced the world to the phenomenon of male G-spot orgasms. Widely praised for its balance of responsiveness, moderately focused prostate stimulation and enhanced anal sensations, for over 17 years, the MGX has been one of our most popular products.

Today we proudly present the MGX Syn Trident, the synthesis of the MGX prostate massager, the newest Trident series innovations and the comfort of our most luxuriant velvet touch silicone yet. A wonderful choice for every kind of erotic play, the MGX Syn Trident is an exquisite amplifier for intercourse for new users and takes solo exploration to the level of multi-orgasmic ecstasy.

The MGX is a medically researched and designed device that works in harmony with your body's own movements. It stimulates both the prostate and the perineum in a rhythmic motion that builds up to unprecedented male orgasms. The MGX is easy to use and is fulfilling for both the beginner and the expert, with progressively rewarding exercises and experiences. The MGX is well balanced with a ribbed stem for anal canal stimulation and stability. The perineum tab provides an external perineum massage.

What's Aneros?

Aneros is a patented prostate-perineum massager which is medically researched and designed. Specifically, Aneros is designed in accordance with modern scientific knowledge of anatomy combined with ancient Oriental awareness of erogenous zones and pleasure centers. This prostate-perineum massage leads to a completely different category of orgasm – A unique, full-body orgasm that is incomparable with anything else.

What is a “Super Orgasm?”

The term “Super Orgasm,” or “Super-O” was coined by an expert user of the Aneros. “Super-O” refers to the multiple, non-ejaculatory, full body orgasms that are possible with the Aneros. These orgasms are completely different than traditional orgasms. Because these orgasms are non-ejaculatory, there is no refractory or recovery period that men go through before they can have sex again after traditional intercourse or penile masturbation. This means that men can have “multiple” orgasms one after another that are seemingly continuous when using the Aneros.

How to use Aneros

1. Keeping the lower leg strait, bring your top knee to your stomach.

2. Slowly insert the massager, positioning the perineum tab against the area between the anus and the scrotum (perineum).

3. Relax - mentally and physically, allowing your body to become accustomed to the massager. Breathe deeply, releasing tension and focusing on the new sensations.

4. Contact and relax the sphincter muscle as slowly as possible. Your massager will automatically massage the Male G-Spot. As the sensations build, you may wish to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions.

Aneros FAQ

Q : How should I clean the Aneros?

A : The Aneros is made of non-porous FDA approved materials and can easily be cleaned with hot, soapy water. We recommend cleaning the Aneros before and after every usage.

Q : Should I use lubricant with the Aneros? If so, what kind?

A : Proper use of lubricant is very important for several reasons: ease of insertion, overall comfort during use, and proper functioning of Aneros. Both the rectum and the Aneros should be well-lubricated so that the massager glides in easily and is able to move freely throughout the massage. Insufficient lubrication could also cause discomfort. If this results, discontinue use or remove and reapply lubricant.
We recommend water-based as opposed to petroleum-based lubricants, and we advise against the use of heating or warming oils due to the sensitive nature of the tissues inside the rectum.

aneros product comparison chart

Product Details

FDA approved non-porous plastic
Tip Width: 0.8 inch Mid-Ridge Width: 0.98 inch
Stem to Perineum Distance:
1.6 inches
Insertable Length:
3.9 inches
120 g


Additional Information

Manufacturer ANEROS

3Reviews For ANEROS Trident MGX Syn (Beginner) Prostate Stimulator

  1. Raiting


    This is my first prostate massager so I chose mgx, which looks most casual. I think it does their work but I think it's a little small for me. I think it might be better with helix or eupho but i don't know until i actually compare them. And I'm wondering, why aneros is white? I think it's better in black colour thinking about the nature of this product. Probably I go for Helix syn next time.

  2. Raiting

    Bill G6/9/2015

    I was very pleasantly amazed by how good the Aneros MGX works. After several plugs, I did not know that the right shape can really make a difference. Put it in and just squeeze and feel it stimulate everything.
    I was afraid it would be too big, but this is very smooth and easy to use and clean.

  3. Raiting


    My first ordered anal toy arrived, well packed with good quality material. Regarding function, I think that 'one size fits all' would not work very well here at the beginning. However, I used it for several weeks now and the effectiveness is growing positively to be honest.
    This in not a toy that you learn to use in one day but takes you almost a month or two to master.
    This little toy is durable for frequent use.

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