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Tenga Air Cushion Cup (Pressure)

Product Code: TOC-105 Category: Tenga from Japan

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Tenga basic Pressure!



Product Brand

Our Offers
Good Value Set! - Tenga Newbies

Good Value Set! - Tenga Newbies



Tenga Spinner 01 TETRA (Mild Edges)

Tenga Spinner 01 TETRA (Mild Edges)

Do you wanna get more cup but cheaper? If you are buying 2 cups, you get 1 free cup! Stock in the store only! Once that Stock of cups are over then the offer expires. You get only what you pay for.

Envelop yours with the air cushion.

The world’s first male pleasure product to adopt an air-cushion mechanism that doesn't rely on the elasticity of its interior materials. This clinging sensation has been achieved by allowing free changing of air pressure in the 24 air-cushion chambers.

Size: 65 x 65 x 154mm, 164g

Tenga Cup FAQ

Q : Are the TENGA CUP Series reusable?
A : The TENGA CUP Series is designed solely for one-time disposable use. With concerns to hygiene, we do not recommend using the item more than once regardless of ejaculation.
Also in the interests of achieving the most out of your TENGA experience, we suggest use without a condom for direct stimulus. TENGA offers the TENGA FLIP Series and TENGA 3D Series for those in search of a reusable device.

Q : It is too tight to insert, what can I do?
A : Please insert after removing the silver sticker on the top.
The TENGA cup series works by letting air in and out of the hole in the top to produce a smooth insertion.
tenga cup how to use

Q : I don't understand how to utilize the air hole.
A : You can adjust the vacuum by covering or uncovering the air hole with your finger.
First, please insert after removing the silver sticker.
After inserting fully, cover the air hole with your finger and pull, the elastomer on the inside will cling to your shaft as if it were sucking on it.
If you use this to your own accord, you will enjoy an even more sensual experience.
tenga cup how to use

Q : There is a cut on the smooth-pad for the TENGA Cup series, is it broken?
A : No. Due to the inside of the cup being air-tight, we included the small cut in the smooth-pad to release air upon insertion.
Please rest assured there is nothing wrong with the quality or performance of the product.

Q : Should I remove the sponge in the insertion rim?
A : Please do not remove the sponge and use the product as it is.

Q : There are many different types of the TENGA cup series, but is there a difference besides the way it looks?
A : The many varied designs of the TENGA cups hold a different sensation according to the interior shape design.
Also, the different colors each signify; “RED = Standard”, “WHITE = Soft” and “BLACK = Hard”. If you prefer stronger stimuli, you may go for the Black, or for those after a softer touch, the White may be your choice.

Q : Are the TENGA Cup products electronic?
A : No. Please use the products manually.

Q : Do the more expensive products offer a better experience?
A : That is not necessarily the case. Each person has their own personal taste in sensations, and to say that the designs that are more expensive would give you a better sensation or that the cheaper end of the scale aren't so good would be completely incorrect.

Q : Are the U.S.TENGA meant only for men who are big?
A : The U.S.TENGA were designed to also work for those of a larger size, those of up to 18.5cm will be able to insert fully.
However, the U.S.TENGA also offers a much stronger vacuum strength for men of average size.

Q : Please tell me about the safety and hygiene of the TENGA Cup series.
A : Due to the fact that the TENGA Cup series are designed with the premise that a man should insert without a condom, we have taken extra precautions in concerns to hygiene and safety.
For safety reasons we have not included any harmful materials in our products such as vinyl chloride, etc.
We have also taken into consideration the safety of our lotions for your security and peace of mind.

Q : How should I dispose of TENGA Cup series products?
A : TENGA Cup series products are “Plastic” products, however, garbage separation and recycling will differ according to region.
Please refer to local regulations for further details.

Q : What are the TENGA CUP Series products made from?
A : Insert Sleeve: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Casing: PE
Lubricant Ring: PU
Lubricant Ring Lubricant: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol,
Methylparaben, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, IPBC
Internal Lubricant: Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, IPBC
*Lubricants certified by EU Directive 76/768/EEC toxological assesment.

Additional Information

Manufacturer TENGA
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