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Hormones and Ovulation

Find out when you are ovulating and get along with the hormonal change.

Find out when you're likely to ovulate.
Clues that your complexion problems may be hormonal?!

Hormonal skin problems

Hormonal skin problems can happen due to a surge in hormones during menstruation, ovulation, puberty or pregnancy. Experiencing these skin problems can be especially aggravating if you are already suffering from mood swings or depression due to premenstrual syndrome. Hormonal changes are one of the main causes of acne. Contrary to popular belief, poor diet and hygiene are not the cause. Acne comes from a hormonal imbalance, coupled with certain toxins building up in the body. Because hormones are chemical messengers, androgenic hormones (male sex hormones, which increase in both sexes) tell your skin's oil gland the limit of sebum (skin oil) to be ejected, or spilled over. An excess of androgenic hormones leads to an overproduction, producing too much sebum. The mixture of excess skin oil and sebum, besides blood toxins, produces an environment favorable to growing acne bacteria. Pregnancy hormones also affect the skin. Because hormones influence the fluid level in skin cell membranes, elasticity is reduced, lowering elastin fiber and collagen production. This leads to weight gain, as well as stretch marks. Menopausal women may experience skin changes because of a drop in the estrogen hormone. As a result, skin is usually dry and wrinkled. Skin grows more fragile and sensitive and loses its elasticity because of a reduced synthesis of estrogens. The skin also appears paler because of a loss of estrogen, which causes a decrease in blood vessels, making the skin duller.

How to improve your skin

You can't stop the changes caused by hormones, but you can lessen the impact of those changes on your skin. Firstly, you need a thorough diagnosis, and this means a consultation with a Herbalist or Naturopath. Nutritional deficiencies can be improved with supplements including vitamins and tissue salts. Herbal remedies are extremely good at regenerating and nourishing the nervous system where stress is involved, and they are widely used where hormonal imbalances are wreaking havoc in the body. Movement practices and breathing techniques will centre and calm you, as well as stimulate your lungs and heart. Also, some birth-control pills can improve acne, as they block testosterone skin reactors.

How do you fix ovulation problems?

Ovulation problems can be tricky to fix. Sometimes, simply taking a fertility medication like Clomid will resolve an ovulation problem. In vitro fertilization tends to be very effective, although it’s obviously a more costly and aggressive procedure when compared with something like taking Clomid.

How to know your ovulating cycle?

Pay attention to the physical signs of ovulation. Some women can tell when they're ovulating by looking at their vaginal discharge. Directly before ovulation, cervical mucous becomes like raw egg white in consistency (you could stretch it between your fingers). Also basal body temperature will rise about a half-degree when ovulation has taken place, so some women chart their basal body temperature each morning before getting out of bed. (The catch there is that when you see the rise in temperature, you've already ovulated) Others get advance notice by purchasing home ovulation-predictor kits, which are relatively accurate.


Love Guide

how to use a vibrator. A guide of masturbation

How to use a vibrator

"I'm not sure how to use it." "What's good for using vibrator?" If you've never used a vibrator, it's natural to question. Find out how to masturbate with a vibrator. It will soothe your stress, help to have a good sex with your partner, and even a better skin!

Different types of love toys

What kind of love toys available?

Vibrators, bullets, dildos, lubricants, etc, etc. What's the difference? And how to choose which is good for you? Here's a guide of love (sex) toys.

Using love toys with your partner

Can I use a vibrator with my partner?

Vibrators are not only for solo play but also a great gadget for a sex with your partner. Do you think the sex is getting a routine and boring? Love toys will definitely spice up your love life!

What is an orgasm?

How can we experience an orgasm?

You have never had an orgasm? Do not worry. Let's learn how women get an orgasm and how easy/difficult it would be. It's all about knowing better of your own body.