image nana to kaoru

Hi ladies, it's Naomi.

Enthusiasm in childhood is often coming back in any age, I believe.

I grew up in Osaka Japan, together with comics and animation just like most Japanese kids.
Now in my late 30's, I still love reading comic books. A lot actually! Well, it's so nostalgic to open comics which were published 30 years ago, and they will bring me back various memories which I totally forgot until now.

Nowadays, it's so convenient as I can read new comics online, digitally, thus I don't need to pay more than double at Kinokuniya book store.

So I'm spending quite a lot of time (and money) browsing around an e-book website, and recently I've encountered an interesting comic book about SM, (yes, fifty-shades-of-grey kind of S&M, bondage) the other day.

It's called "Nana to Kaoru". (Nana & Kaoru)

It could be another erotic comic book for boys with a high school super cute girl with big breast and a not-so-cool boy living next door. The reason I really like this work is that it's not only semi(?)pornographic drawing book but it has A GOOD STORY. Especially this guy (Kaoru) loves this girl (Nana) very deeply.

Sounds extraordinary? Well, there's SM involved. These high school students tries various SM play, which is "relaxation" to them. There's no sex, not even a kiss at the first beginning. (It's still ongoing after 8 years, they're still virgin.) Surprisingly clean in a way.

So how deep is Kaoru's love for Nana?

  • He's rather quiet and shy boy but trying very hard to be a real "S" only for Nana.
  • When he tries to give a spanking to Nana, he decides to use his own hand instead of using a whip or a spanker. Because he knows it's quite painful for her, and he cannot forgive only himself being without pain.
  • After Nana accepts her M nature, he won't allow her to buy or keep any SM tools because "SM is dangerous. Physically and socially." She wants to be a lawyer and he doesn't want to do anything interfering with.
  • He doesn't want to be her boyfriend because he doesn't want to allow anyone who is not good enough for Nana, including himself, to stay with her...

Well I don't want to be a spoiler, so I should stop around here. I think It's quite obvious that I read through all 14 volumes in one breath. I was surprising that it's expressed very well about a complicated mindset behind the SM play. SM is not just being brutal and giving pain as you know. Well of course, it's gonna be DV if there's no trust and love with it, isn't it? "Nana to Kaoru" is also teaching us how to choose and use SM tools correctly, and all sort of tips for SM play. Forget about Fifty Shades of Grey, this comic would be a good introduction book for people who wish to try SM. (Interested? just google it.)

Many people think that it's difficult to introducing SM to their partner even they're very keen to try it. I personally think it's quite normal sexual propensity though, since so many people already try it and books like Fifty Shades of Grey is the bestselling novel as a matter of fact. If you're S side, I think you can try... slowly. Find some items from our Soft SM Tools page, suggest it to your partner nonchalantly, and slowly but surely, develop your partner's M nature. Or just ask her/him! But if you're M and want to make your partner S... I'm wondering how to?