Hi girls! It's Michelle.
I'm thrilled about the arrival of iroha mini vibrators!
Such a cute one~~♥

iroha mini sora mikan

I'm sure it will be a nice "introduction" for girls who's wondering what it feels like.
I know, it's very difficult to buy the first vibe. But iroha mini doesn't look like a sex toy AT ALL, so I think it's no need to hesitate. Just try lah~~. :)
Girls who know their "satisfaction" are always pretty. Yes, this is true. From my experience★

Well, iroha is created by a women's team in Tenga company.
As you know, Tenga is a famous masturbating device for men with fabulous design package.
I have no idea how it feels in use however, I've never heard that man actually says "I don't like it", so far. Must be good.

We also have tenga section here and of course, this is one of the most popular categories.
To make our website as competitive as possible, we research the market price time to time.

And now... I found... a very cheap Tenga Egg in Singapore's biggest online store...!!
S$3.30 per piece?!


That is even cheaper than our wholesale price!


Hold on.


Is that...?

fake tenga egg

...Oh no, it's fake!!

Phew. I almost consider it as our new supplier.

Japanese letter "ツ" & "シ" are difficult to tell. But it's quite obvious on this picture. LOL
On top of that, the letters are not aligned and there's no recycle symbol.

Still, most customers commented as "Highly Recommended".

Hmmm. They really don't find it's fake? Or they actually knew it then purchase it anyway?

How different they feel? Well sadly I'll never know about it...

Anyways, Be careful guys!