Hi ladies.

Have you ever stayed 温泉旅館 (Onsen-ryokan) in Japan? It could be a modern hotel with varieties of facilities or an old wooden-structured traditional Japanese inn. Either or, you can enjoy a hot bath and delicious Omakase dinner course with tons of local delicacy! The room price is usually much more expensive compared with a hotel room where you just stay one night, because it includes dinner (and breakfast) and that's how we enjoy Onsen Ryokan. Once you checked in, you don't need to go out from the building.

I've just come back from 城崎温泉 (Kinosaki Onsen), which is located north of Kyoto. There are many public bathes and traditional inns. If you go there in winter time, enjoy snow and crab, crab and crab! That's one of their specialty. And I will admire you if you could finish eating all the course... It was A LOT.

Excuse me talking about food, I have to mention about a big problem during my trip.


Yes, somehow the period comes exactly during my trip. And this is the big thing, because I cannot get in the public bath!

Should I just use a small private bath in my room? No. In this case, usually women use a tampon.

But I rather not to. If it's in the sea or swimming pool, there's no problem because I'm wearing a bathing suit. But in the public bath, naked? Showing the string between my thighs? Hmmmmm.....No. I can't.

How annoying if the period spoils one of the main attraction in your trip. But I have to tell you, this time, I was fine. The peiod will never bother me anymore. Because I have a menstruation cup.

This is the one. It's called Intimina Lily Cup .

Let me explain about this product. The brand Intimina is a sister company of Swedish luxury sex toy manufacturer, LELO. Lily Cup is made with 100% medical-grade silicone, and it is reusable! Once it's settled nicely inside the body, it will collect menstrual fluid. After while, you can just remove and empty the cup in the toilet.

You know, this is perfect. Once it's settled in my body, I can easily forget it's there, just like a tampon. And there's no dangling string between my thighs. With Intimina Lily Cup , I can enjoy my holiday although it's during my period!

So it's quite innovative and definitely make woman's lifestyle easier, but I have to tell you that I needed to put some effort to handle this menstruation cup.

  1. I needed to put my finger into my vagina when I remove the cup.
  2. It took some time to know how to put the cup properly in my body.

As I said, there's no string like a tampon. So only thing I can grab is the tiny stem at the bottom of the cup. According to Lily Cup manual, when you remove the cup,


"Relax your body and use your vaginal muscles to gently push the cup down and grip the stem to slowly pull downwards."


Can anyone do this? Somehow, I can push in but not down. In the end, the cup moves up and I have to put my fingers in and grab the stem and pull it out... I think that someone who has long nails would better not to use menstruation cup. Too dangerous.

Comparing with removing the cup, inserting the cup is rather easy. Just fold the cup and slot it in. But the important thing is to place it properly. Stand up and walk a little, if you can feel something in your body, it's usually not placed properly (at least for myself). And most likely it will leak. I suggest to use a pad or a liner together until you're confident.

After using Intimina Lily Cup for a few cycles, I eventually kind of handle the cup. The freedom of not having a pad, there's no word to describe it. No odor, no sweat, no itchiness. And once I put it in the morning, I don't need to empty the cup until I come back home at night. Of course it depends on how heavy the menstruation fluid is, but in my case, there's no problem.

Still, I won't say I will never use pads. Pads are the easiest option and menstruation cup is a great alternative for sure. And I hope this option would spread widely in the world. Especially in Japan, such as Kumamoto or Fukushima, those tragic earthquake stricken cities. I've heard that it's very difficult to get menstruation pads there. But if they have one cup, it could be a great relieaf for them.

Collapsible menstrual cup is great for traveling!