Hi guys! This is Michelle, long time no see!

Well, Claire introduced new Womanizer Pro last time and I'd like to add my point of view.

I often have a chance to talk about sex toys with my girl friends. I don't want to believe this but there are some men exist who don't want women to have a vibrator.

Because women won't have a sex with them anymore!

It's not... 100% true, gentlemen.
Quite opposite actually. I believe women will become more active for sex when they have enough masturbation. I'm not a scientist unfortunately so I cannot tell how our hormones and nerves work but you might understand what I mean. When we have a sex frequently, our body switch becomes clearer and easy to turn on. But if you don't have a sex for a while, the switch will hide somewhere inside and it's hard to find. Before long, we don't care anymore. Sexless. That is a common problem for most of couples these days, isn't it?

But if you masturbate frequently, the switch will stay there. And I think Womanizer is perfect toy for this!
It's quick. Really quick. You don't need to imagine any fantasy or whatever. Switch on, place it on the clit, BANG! You got an orgasm. It sounds so unsexy but it's that easy. And! This is the most important part.

This makes you want to have a sex. A real sex.

So, gentlemen. You're absolutely wrong if you think women will be satisfied with a sex toy and never have a sex with you. Now you need to answer her invitation.


Vibrator for penetration purpose is a different story? Well, I have to write another post for that, then!