Hi girls, it's Claire.

Today's topic is exciting.
Let's talk about pornography for women.

Well, I believe that there are tons of tons of pornography for men in this world.
From the female point of view, they're usually focused on penetration, less foreplay, and sometimes quite grotesque (for me).  Ew.

Thus they're not always enjoyable for women. But that's fine. It's a men's world. It's men's fantasy. They're made for men, by men.
It's truly fair if we cannot understand how good they actually are.

Fortunately, we women can also be more open for our self-pleasure, which had been a big taboo for a long time. Beautiful vibrators are very popular and they're gentle for women's body. And when we feel sexy, a love toy will bring us a great orgasm and peaceful, relaxed moment after.

No more stress from work.
No more anger at your parents.
No more jealous of your friends.
No more frustration of your boyfriend or husband.

Sometimes, we need a good pornography which we can enjoy!

So I researched.
Surprisingly, there's quite a number of websites exist. Let's start with the English website, shall we?
(I don't put a link on them, so please visit there by your own risk. Don't worry, there's no weird pop-up-full-displayed windows or spams.)
Here's some sex blogs I recommend.

Sex blog by Nikki and Heather. Fun to read and lots of encouragement from their own experiences.

Dark Gracie's blog. Beautiful photography and poetic sex stories.
She also contributes her works here. http://goodvibesblog.com/author/dark-gracie/

If you prefer to enjoy visually, you can try these.

An elegantly designed website comes from the Netherlands. This website is focusing on a pure woman's self-pleasure.
Their videos are all about real orgasms of real women. You can feel with them. Which is so sexy and also beautiful.
Free stuffs available.

Quite straight-forward porn website created by two women. Visuals are bold with naked men and sex scenes.

Hmmm. Why western guys are somehow always muscular in the pornography...? No one prefer a slender guy in the western world?  Well I prefer a slender Asian boys honestly.
Next time, I'm going to navigate some erotic websites from Japan.
Stay tuned!

P.S. If you're worried about watching pornography in Singapore, check MDA website.
MDA answers "there is no restriction on the websites you can visit. However, do note that it is an offense to download and store pornographic materials." Oh well.