japanese sex comic

Hi ladies!
I hope you enjoyed our previous "Let's talk about pornography Vol.1"!

Let's continue to talk about pornography for women, this time, from our favourite country, Japan.
All right, here we go.

Well, recently we have more time to deal with Japanese companies such as Tenga suppliers or a charming lollipop vibe manufacturer, and I could hear about sex industry in Japan quite a lot from them. My impression about Japanese sex culture is so... open. Especially in an adult novelty market for women. For example, a morning news program introduces "Kegel Exercise". And Japanese girls (or couples) go to a cool velvety "Vibe Bar" in Tokyo where you can see more than 300 different vibrators!
I thought that Japanese women are more conservative, and it's kinda top-secret for them to have a sex toy. Just like Singapore. However, I was wrong! As we introduced before, there is a charismatic sex toy blogger, and girls seems enjoying masturbation and that is even considered as a part of their "self-maintenance". Just like skin care or spa treatment.

All right, then. I searched pornography in google.co.jp as well... in Japanese... 女の子向け、ポルノ...

...OMG, so many results!!!!

With a great help of my colleague who can read Japanese, I could meet with some fabulous websites.
Let me show you.

Girl's CH (channel? or see H? "H" usually means "sex" in Japanese)

Probably the biggest adult portal in Japan. And it is entirely for women! Okay, let's click a purple color button which says "Yes, I'm female, over 18 years old" to enter. Also it says "Guys, this website is for girls. Please note that our contents might not suite for you." Ha ha ha.
As you can see, it's all in Japanese. So just browsing around using your sixth sense. You can still enjoy for sure.
The significant part of these movies would be that "men actually put a condom on"! That is totally new idea, isn't it?
Surprisingly, everything looks FREE! (You might need member sign-up)


This is an e-comic (graphic novel) website. Oh, what do you expect? It's Japan! Anime & comics must be their principle!
Well, kindly enough, they have an English website as well. You can read some pages by clicking "preview" button. (Be careful, a new full window comes up.) It might be a tad awkward to follow the story if it's your first time to read them. Don't worry, you will get used to it.

I don't know. There seems have some differences between men's porn and women's porn.
A point of view, is the one of them.
Men's porn usually shows "their sight". I mean, what they see or how they see. So that they can virtually experience a sex via screen. Therefore, they don't need to show actor's face. Foreplay? For what? LOL
On the other hand, porn for women shows more foreplay, with the third party's view. So that we can feel the heroine easily.


Recently I really think "I'm such a lucky one". I can freely see sensual movies or books, talking about sexuality, enjoy sex and even run a sex toy shop! I really think I'm living in the great time and great place. And I hope that more women could feel the same way.

Cheers girls. Have a great weekend!