Hi guys, it's Claire!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Well, we still have CNY and St. Valentine's day coming to celebrate, it's always good to have two new years!

Before that, today I'd like to celebrate for a new

Womanizer Pro W500 arrived at love love notes!

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To start, let me explain this Womanizer, a.k.a a clitoral stimulator. It is invented by German engineers a year ago, since then, Womanizer overwhelmed the sex toy industry where vibrators are the mainstream. Womanizer has a unique non-contact stimulating technology using pressure waves, which works tremendously. Women love it as they can experience an orgasm within 1 - 3 minutes and multiple orgasms even.

Yes, so I can truly recommend Womanizer for both;

• Having orgasms quickly and efficiently for solo play
• Turn yourself on during foreplay with your partner

This is the original Womanizer by the way.

The body is now much smaller than the original Womanizer, refined smartly as a sexy instrument.

SWAROVSKI bijou decorates On/Off button, now you need to hold it to turn on, which prevent it to start accidentally.
Also, the intensity level is increased to 8 modes, from very soft to crazily powerful. Because it's just too easy to get an orgasm with Womanizer, I think it's good idea to have an ultra soft mode to enjoy slow and relaxing stimulation.

Either old model or new one, I honestly think that every woman just have a Womanizer.
Well, we can be immersed in a pleasure for sure. That's one thing. You know, women can have an orgasm as many as they like. Sex will feel even better after you had an orgasm or two.

Another thing is that there will be no pressure for men to make women come. Sometimes couples are frustrated when woman cannot reach to an orgasm. If there's a solution for this problem, sex will be more enjoyable. So WHY NOT?

Womanizer is not cheap. It is an expensive product.
But it definitely worth to have!