It's quite wet today, isn't it? I don't mind so much as long as it stops raining and nice and cool while I'm walking outside. Mind you, it was wet last Friday as well, am I correct? It was a bad weather. I was walking with my Sergio Rossi's black leather sandals and my feet were totally black when I noticed it. And it's hard to clean... Smart Singaporean girls won't wear that kind of shoes when it's raining. I think I need to buy a pair of vinyl sandals...

Well, this blog title is "The insatiable pursuit of the great masturbation". Don't worry, it's just another silly story of Japanese people, but also quite cute.

Boys, you guys are so spoiled with Tenga or Toy's Heart or all male masturbators. But just until 20 years ago, boys were trying so hard to find the greatest way of masturbating.

Here's an example.

Lie down on your back and put your dominant hand under your hip for about 30 minutes. Your hand will get numb! Now it's time for your solo pleasure moment. Just try as usual with your numbed hand. You can feel the stimulation on the penis but not on your hand. It feels just like getting hand job from somebody else!

How cute! I so respect person who invent this! And I can't stop laughing.... Seriously.

And this is another cute story.

Do you have a car? Then try to put your arm out from the window when it's driving 60km/h. Shape your hand just like you're touching boobs. Can you fiil the wind against your palm? That's the equivalent softness of boobs cup C! Or D? Well, it doesn't matter...

This must be some high school boys' idea... It's almost heartwarming story to me. Is that because I'm getting old?