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guide to soft sm

Thanks to the bestselling novel "Fifty Shades of Grey", now most of us know about SM play.
Are you a little interested maybe? Or do you think it might be too painful to try?
Well, there's a level where people can actually get aroused from discomfort but you don't want to jump directly into that stage.
Forget about the scarey part. This is a little more erotic, slightly more stimulating than usual, and something new.
Here's a guide to pleasurable Soft SM which connect you and your partner even stronger♥

♥ Are you on the S (sadism) side?
or on the M (masochism) side?

S side persons are also called Top and often humiliate an M side person (aka Bottom).
Do you like to watch your partner with you in control? Or do you like to let your partner play with you naughtily?
Some already know which attribute they're in, some not. If you're not sure, try both! You and your partner can take turns and find out what you really prefer.

♥ Steamy Soft SM Tools

Step 1 Blindfold Step 2 Restraints Step 3 Dirty Talk Step 4 sex toys

♥ Soft SM Etiquette

Before starting, you and your partner both need to agree that you want to go for it. Trusting each other is very important. If one person really says "no", it doesn't work.
When you are restrained, you need to know how to untie yourself.
If you're Top, you have to start more gently than usual. Listen to the Bottom and find what she/he desires.

♥ How to invite your partner to the Soft SM world

You're interested in this erotic mischief, but how about your partner?
"Shall we try soft SM?" It's ideal if you can suggest this directly. Is it too early to do so? You can also bring it up little by little.

You prefer Top

Try to take the clothes off only halfway. This covers the eyes and also restrains the arms or the legs. If your partner doesn't like it, he/she can remove it immediately. Using a tie as a blind fold is basic yet sexy. Try dirty talk slowly, and see your partner's reaction. Don't forget to praise him/her.

You prefer Bottom

Usually girls tend to be Bottom and boys tend to be Top. So it's not so difficult to poke his Top attribute. "Begging" is effective. Use polite language and be obedient. Try to lead him with your rather overplayed reaction.

Either you're Top or Bottom, key is whether you can make your partner feel better or not.

♥ To the Next Step

Role Play and Spanking will wait for you.
In Role Play, you can take completely different character from yourself. Play a doctor and a nurse? Or Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele? Set a date and you and your partner play the entire role until you two relax in a bed. A bit embarrassing? Maybe. But it definitely spices up your sexual life.

Spanking is another thing to consider for couples who already enjoy soft SM.
Now you have to remember,
This is never about "hurting someone".

Thus you need to understand what your (bottom) partner wants, and then give it to him/her. Start teasing with tickling or patting. Build up the expectation and then spank him/her! With love, of course. If there's no pleasure, it's just DV.

Don't forget to take your costumes!

Love Guide

how to use a vibrator. A guide of masturbation

How to use a vibrator

"I'm not sure how to use it." "What's good for using vibrator?" If you've never used a vibrator, it's natural to question. Find out how to masturbate with a vibrator. It will soothe your stress, help to have a good sex with your partner, and even a better skin!

Different types of love toys

What kind of love toys available?

Vibrators, bullets, dildos, lubricants, etc, etc. What's the difference? And how to choose which is good for you? Here's a guide of love (sex) toys.

Using love toys with your partner

Can I use a vibrator with my partner?

Vibrators are not only for solo play but also a great gadget for a sex with your partner. Do you think the sex is getting a routine and boring? Love toys will definitely spice up your love life!

What is an orgasm?

How can we experience an orgasm?

You have never had an orgasm? Do not worry. Let's learn how women get an orgasm and how easy/difficult it would be. It's all about knowing better of your own body.