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Vibrator Guide

What we call "love toys" are also known as sex toys or adult toys/goods. They can be anything you'd use when you want to stimulate one of your erogenous zones or want to arouse yourself and your partner. So let's have a look at popular love toys and learn how to use and how to choose.

lecture 1 what is a vibrator?

A vibrator might be the most common love toy which has a shape of a stick, imitating the penis, and can vibrate. Usually people think about these vibrators when they hear "love toys". It's also called "vibe". They can be used for both internal as well as external stimulation.

It is a good idea to put a condom on a vibrator to avoid bacterial infection or the hassle of cleaning up after using. If you don't use a condom, it needs to be washed with water or a love toy cleaner. In the case you share the vibrator with other people, you MUST use a condom.
Lubricant will help for a smooth insertion into the vagina. Some people feel pain when they use a vibrator, and this is mostly because of friction on a dry surface. If it is the first time for you to insert it, it's nice to have some lubricant. Of course, if you are wet enough, that's perfectly okay, too.

lecture 2 what kind of vibrator available?

There's a wide variety of different types of vibrators such as a simple straight one, or with a G-spot stimulation shape, or rabbit shape which can stimulate the clitoris simultaneously.

1. Simple Vibrators

Simple vibrators are considered to be the most versatile sex toys available today. And it could be a nice introductory item for love toy virgins.

2. Dual Action Vibrators

picobong Kaya rabbit vibeDual action vibrators have another knob and look like rabbit ears. These rabbit vibrators can stimulate you simultaneously internal and clitoral.

4. G-Spot Vibrators

The near-mythical kingdom of the G-spot, it's really there about two inches inside the upper wall of the vagina, and if you haven't yet found it yourself, these vibrators will take you there.

lecture 3 how can i choose a vibrator?

Think about where you can have the most sensation in your vagina. Just after the entrance? Then try a G-spot vibrator to discover the new orgasm. Or if you like deep inside close to the potion of cervix, there is one for that. Or whatever it is, you just want to feel good? Try a rabbit. You cannot get this sensation with other vibrators.

★ See all vibrators ★

lecture 4 what is a bullet?

A bullet is for external stimulation with a vibrating function.
Also called "egg", it can be used for the nipples, nape, clitoris, bum, or elsewhere.
You can also insert it into the vagina. A bullet is inexpensive and quite casual. It could be easy to just throw it into the foreplay as well. Also, if you are virgin for love toys, a bullet might be the one for you ♥

Do you need a condom for a bullet? It's not necessary as you wash it every time before and after using. However, if you would like to insert it into your vagina, you MUST use a condom. Because a bullet is quite small and might be difficult to take out again. Even though they have a wire, you should not use it to pull it as it's not made for that. With a condom, you can pick and pull it out easily.

lecture 5 what kind of bullet is available?

The styles are diverse. An egg shaped vibrator wired to a controller could be traditional type. Thanks to technology and design, there's a wireless bullet, one just like a lipstick, a ring bullet... Let's see what we have!

1. Clitoral

If you want more than just a vibration to tickle your hot spot then the Clitoral bullet can probably be the best option to get going.

2. Ring

The ring type bullet is used by wearing on your finger or your partner's finger. You don't need to hold it so you can enjoy freely with your vibrated finger ♥

3. Camouflage

A rubber duck, a lollipop, or a lipstick, they don't look like a bullet at all so you don't need to worry if it falls out of your handbag.

4. Wireless

You can turn on the vibration with a remote control. Great for using with your partner in the room or even outside?!

lecture 6 How can I choose a bullet?

Again, let's think how you want to use them. Do you like to stimulate your clit? or nipples? However, bullets are not necessary to think about size or figure, so you can choose whatever you think it's cute!

★ See all bullet vibrators ★

To keep your love toy in a good condition

First you need to clean the toy immediately after use. Bacteria can be left on them could be damaging you and the toy itself. So the best thing is to get a simple cloth (like a wash cloth) which should be clean and never used before and dampen it with warm water and a chemical free soap or something similar.

If you are really good and like to be very hygienic, then purchase a vibrator cleaning fluid which is designed specifically for vibrators use. Lastly, after making sure your vibrator is clean and ready to be put away, store your vibrator somewhere cool and dark, like a drawer or wardrobe, or even under the bed.


Love Guide

how to use a vibrator. A guide of masturbation

How to use a vibrator

"I'm not sure how to use it." "What's good for using vibrator?" If you've never used a vibrator, it's natural to question. Find out how to masturbate with a vibrator. It will soothe your stress, help to have a good sex with your partner, and even a better skin!

Different types of love toys

What kind of love toys available?

Vibrators, bullets, dildos, lubricants, etc, etc. What's the difference? And how to choose which is good for you? Here's a guide of love (sex) toys.

Using love toys with your partner

Can I use a vibrator with my partner?

Vibrators are not only for solo play but also a great gadget for a sex with your partner. Do you think the sex is getting a routine and boring? Love toys will definitely spice up your love life!

What is an orgasm?

How can we experience an orgasm?

You have never had an orgasm? Do not worry. Let's learn how women get an orgasm and how easy/difficult it would be. It's all about knowing better of your own body.

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